“No man is an island” This line by poet John Donne is what one should keep in mind while looking for work in the film industry. It all depends on your networking skills. Or rather, social networking skills. Due to the recent pandemic, all producers, filmmakers & casting agents have shifted to working on social media as much as possible. So going online is the best way to get visibility & build relationships. But this isn’t the only reason:

– One obvious reason is – no travel costs. Finding work, connecting with people, and getting noticed online costs almost nothing, compared to visiting & talking to people physically.

-Showing someone your work online is more convenient than in person. All you have to do is send a link of a video, piece of music or trailer. Or send them your social media profile. You can also showcase all your work on a single page, with websites like Filmboard, Behance, Vimeo and many others.

– The fastest way to get information about on-going film projects is to Google it. Many WhatsApp & Facebook groups also post daily updates about requirements for editors, dancers, composers, writers, etc. This means more opportunities in lesser time.

– Film service providers like equipment rentals, caterers, studios, etc. also benefit greatly from an online presence. Their customers can view a catalogue of their packages, look up pricing details and contact them online. It requires less effort on behalf of the customer, and translates into more business because of the user-friendly experience.

Now that we’ve discussed the ‘why’, let’s take a look at the ‘how’. Here are steps you can follow to build your online presence:

1. Create your own website in a matter of minutes, with free website-creators like WordPress OR Wix. Select the type of layout you want, upload your work, put up you contact details and you’re done!

For filmmakers, editors, singers, actors, musicians, and for other people involved in the creative aspects of a film, a good-looking website like this can make a great first impression.

Remember to include relevant SEO keywords in the website content, to increase visibility.
To find keywords, you can try the free tool called Google Trends.

2. Sign up to film portals.
Such websites host a database of professionals, artists & services, connecting them to people who’re interested in hiring them. You can make your own profile mentioning past work & current rates. It’s especially useful for applying to projects OR getting scouted by production companies.

Some great film portals to try:
Talent Track – A platform that connects actors, models, singers & designers to recruiters (A membership of Rs.999 per year required to apply to unlimited projects).
Filmboard – A comprehensive film portal that connects talent, crew, location managers and service providers to film producers. (Completely free of charge. No limitations on the number of applications.)

3. Keep creating content
In the lockdown, Yashraj Mukhate, an Aurangabad-based composer, rose to fame on YouTube with a viral remix. He had everyone wondering “Rasode main Kaun tha?” And now everyone knows his name.

Creating interesting content like this on Instagram & YouTube can help keep you in the public eye, and it gives the impression that you’re creatively active & passionate. The more people know you, the more your name comes up in hiring conversations. So go out there and create something interesting (perhaps you’ll end up starting a trend too!).

4. Engage with people
This is the biggest benefit of social media. If you keep talking to people from the industry, they will remember you first when they have work. And there’s not much effort involved in starting a conversation with someone. Just message them, praise their recent work & introduce yourself. Such small messages go a long way in building lasting contacts. We suggest using social media websites like Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn for this purpose.
These are the most essential steps required for boosting your online visibility. Once you start getting some traction online, you can explore other advanced methods of reaching out. The internet is an effective tool if utilized properly. Filmboard too, is using the power of the internet to build a comprehensive database of talent, crew, and film services in India. And you too can be part of this digital revolution, by signing up on

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